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“What Will You Do When You’re 82?”


Certainty and Clarity

to your Financial Life


82? I’m not 82! I’ve got a long way to go! What’s the problem?

Maybe your approach has been wrong…

When you’re 82, will you be relying on your IRA or other Wall Street-related investments to pay your bills? Any volatility can disrupt your financial smooth sailing, right? Put another way, if (or when) the securities markets drop by 50%, what will you do?

Think about these points:

  • You are conventionally encouraged to “stay the course” during our savings years when the markets drop.

  • During those savings/earnings years, you have the luxury of dealing with drops while waiting for recovery as you have an income. Hey, you’re covering costs, right?

  • When you’re deep into retirement, will you have that luxury?

  • “Sequence of Returns”, the polite term used by advisors, is beyond your control, and goes by another name: VOLATILITY.

  • Volatility is not your friend! It can sharply increase the possibility of you outliving your money!

  • If volatility can hurt you in retirement, why is it acceptable in your savings years? Doesn’t it also hurt your wealth accumulation? Yes, yes it does!

  • Didn’t know there was a different path to take? There is!

We’ve all heard about the fees in mutual funds and in 401(k)’s. We know that’s a problem. What the press has not made clear is that the ups and downs of the securities markets destroy momentum and erodes our cash growth.

Here’s a problem: we are encouraged to think about historic “performance” of securities through “averages” and to think about future performance in the same way. We’re told “the average return was…” And “if we assume a similar average return in the future, we’ll get…” That, ladies and gentlemen, is terribly misleading as averages disguise the negative result of hills and valleys.

Here is a simple way to view it: imagine yourself to be 82, and your nest egg drops with the markets. Now imagine your landlord asking you to pay the rent. Or your healthcare provider asking you to pay that bill. Will you ask them to wait until the markets return to “average”?.

The time to create certainty and simplicity in your financial life is now. It is frequently too late when you enter retirement. Again, if volatility is not acceptable when you spend, why is it acceptable when you save?

Our approach places importance on consistency of earnings and growth, demands simplicity for the client, and views VOLATILITY as the enemy.

VOLATILITY is not your friend!

Our view bears repeating: Volatility can be a devastating factor in your wealth accumulation, and worse in your “distribution phase”, also known as retirement.



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Bank on Yourself

Tax-Free Income Upon Your Retirement

Yes, with the (currently) conventional planning, that 401(k) or IRA will result in fully taxable income in your retirement. That old saw "your taxes will be lower..." might not hold. After all, will bridges, tunnels, school spending be required in 20, 30, or 40 years? Do any (government) services come free? Also, what are your future income expectations? We can help. Call us today to get started on your income plan.

College Funding, Investment Stability, Guaranteed Growth, and Flexibility

  • These functions or attributes are built-in to the Bank On Yourself approach.

  • Flexibility of access and use of funds, while you're alive. Just think: no loan applications for that big purchase...Bank On Yourself!

  • These policies create a stabilizing and growth-enhancing part of the financial plan (also known as decreasing volatility's negative results).

Life Insurance

Allow Us to Help You Stay Protected for a Lifetime!

If you're looking to buy a beneficial life insurance plan that can help you protect yourself and your family, turn to the professionals at Himel Financial. We can help you get a Whole Life insurance plan, a hybrid insurance plan, Term, and a Long-Term Care plan as well. Contact us today for further details on this.

A Life Insurance Plan Will Help You

  • Protect your family

  • Protect your heirs

  • Leave a legacy

  • Provide additional flexibility for you during your life

Long-Term Care

Choose a Plan for You and Your Family

A Long-Term Care insurance (LTCi) plan helps in making sure you don't outlive your money, and that you don't exhaust your money for the care you may need in your future. There is a direct relationship to LTCi and retirement planning that we can help you address. Give us a call today for further details.

Some Important Features of Our Long-Term Care Insurance

  • Traditional policies as well as hybrids

  • Provides independence such as “stay at home”

  • Protects your retirement and your family

Disability Income Insurance

Let Us Help You Protect Your Income and Your Most Valuable Assets

Many of us will have some sort of disability that'll prevent us from working, before the age of 65. It might prove to be short-term or long-term. Call us today for further details on this.

Benefits of Disability Income Insurance

Your most valuable asset is your ability to work and provide an income. If you lose that ability, this will address your continued need for income.


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