Straight-Line Projections, Averages, Volatility

Our Approach

Maybe "Financial Planning" is not for you!  That's a tough thought, isn't it? Over the last 40 years, we have, as a society, experienced some amazing, exciting, and difficult times in the world of finance.  There was "The Roaring Twenty", ~1980 - 2000, when the stock markets roared unlike any other time in history. We saw a "Tech Bubble" collapse in 2000 - 2001, and the "Great Recession" in 2007 - 2009.

The strength of the investment markets, along with marketing strategies and growing assumptions has led to conventional beliefs that are simply not accurate. Unfortunately, many of us lean on these inaccuracies to plan for our financial future and then wonder why results are not as advertised.

Three key concepts: Averages, Straight-Line Projections, Volatility.  These are the killers; in combination with what is often the standard expectation for market results, these factors commonly lead to failure in financial planning.

We’re not opposed to Financial Planning; we’re uncomfortable with the standard use of:

  • Straight-Line Projections, using historic averages...leads to nonsense

  • "Average Returns"...these are not the same as actual returns, and can destroy your financial life

  • Volatility...this can destroy compounding, and delay or prevent use of cash in difficult economic times

Financial Planning is good if realistic. "Realistic" requires more than "let's be conservative by using 6.75 instead of 7.75%!"

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Lester N. Himel

Lester N. Himel discovered the use of specific types of Life Insurance to enhance and expand the performance of investment portfolios several years ago; this after spending 28 years in a variety of positions on Wall Street. Like most financial professionals, he considered stocks, bonds and similar instruments as the core of a reasonable investment approach. In those last several years, Les has found the better way.

Les comes to this field with a very broad financial background. He started as a compliance officer, worked in administration, was an institutional bond trader, developed an Emerging Markets business, and was also involved with “alternative investments”. Now, as one of only 200 Bank on Yourself authorized advisors, and with his ability to integrate far-reaching insights, he guides clients to financial success. Les prefers low risk and “guarantees”, and has an ability to simplify explanations of what, why and how. Les has achieved various FINRA registrations, and is a Chartered Financial Consultant (ChFC).

Lester resides in Westchester County, New York with his family and stays very busy working with clients across the country.